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Summer … long days, balmy nights, beach hangs, salty hair, … & The Beach People

Inspired by family, friends and their love for the beach, The Beach People, co-founded by sisters Emma and Victoria hit our beaches in the Summer of 2013.

The “roundie” was a new concept when it came to beach towels and the collection sold out within weeks. Fast forward to today, and The Beach People is a globally admired brand offering seaside luxe essentials from the beach to home.

I chat to Victoria Beattie … down to earth, driven, a successful boss lady, a family girl and a lover of the beach.

Find out where they look to for inspiration when it comes to TBP, what they are releasing beyond the beach, Victoria's top 3 tips for starting a business, her favourite beach spots and more …

Enjoy all you beach bums x


How did The Beach People come about?! It was a very simple day. Emma and I were sitting on the beach watching our husbands surf and she turned to me and said “I think I am going to make round beach towels, no one is doing that and I want to make them in plush cotton, with luxe tassels and beautiful designs, do you want to do that with me?” I said yes and the rest is history…  

Yourself and Emma are the creators of the original “Roundie” beach towel … Did you ever imagine it would be so successful!?! Absolutely not! Ha!
When we first sourced a manufacturer our first sample came back at $90 cost price! It was crazy… there wasn’t a single company globally making round beach towels and it was very hard territory. Even our friends and family were a little confused. 
We thought… oh well worst case we have to gift our friends and family the stock for the next 10 years… ha. I mean obviously we love, used and believed in the product. We just weren’t sure if other people were going to feel the same way…
Where do you get your inspiration from when it comes to TBP? I'm really inspired by travel, space (like time off) and story telling. Whenever I take time offline overseas or even on an Australian holiday I always get really inspired for the business. My sister is more inspired by architecture, design, fashion and travel. She’s the more visual one out of us two.
The original being the Roundie,  today the collection is made up of beach carts, soaps, candles, luxe bathroom towels … is there still more to come? Yes absolutely. We have just launched our third construction of towel. The Pool towel it’s called and it’s our take on a turkish towel… it’s got stripes of terry paneling and it’s heaven to use. We are hoping by mid next year to be completely dominating the towel industry and be your go to for beach towels of all shapes and sizes.
We are so proud of our towels, they are durable, made from incredible cotton and so pretty. Beyond the beach we are releasing some home and seaside essentials next year like our picnic basket and umbrella. We are also releasing a home collection made from recycled denim, lots of exciting things.
What inspires your collections?! It usually starts with some colours or textiles, pictures, art that Emma has seen. We then work the imagery into a story board with a whole mood board of inspiration of what we want the campaign to look like. From there were artwork the designs and sample sample sample.
Your top 3 tips for people wanting to start their own business ... 
Trust your gut, it’s usually right. 
Work to your strengths and outsource your weaknesses, don’t stick your head in the sand on important things like accounting. 
Know what you are and aren’t, don’t try to be everything to everyone. Define your brand and stick to it…
What does a typical work day look like for you?  I am usually up early and after reading my bible, praying I jump online to my US team as it’s their afternoon. I spend an hour or two with them then my household usually wakes up. It’s breakfast time.
After breakfast depending on if it’s a mummy day or an office day I am either in the office by 8am or with my son for the morning. Even on my Mummy days I am usually online for most the day, which has it’s challenges. I spend my day running the back end of the business, marketing, logistics, team and design. Lot’s of different hats but I love it! We have shoots every other day also which are always fun!
What are your favourite sand between your toes hang out spots? Out the front of my house is a dream as there is usually no one else there… just me, my son and my puppy Duke. Other favourite beaches are The Pass in Byron Bay
and Dreamtime Beach at Fingal Head. I could easily spend sun up to sun down at both locations. 
Your top 3 items for Summer?! 
Our La Plage Round Towel 
Peony bikini  
Our beach cart
How would you sum up your personal style? Goodness that’s a tricky question. Sometimes I don’t get out of my bikini for the day.
and then other days I am wearing beautiful dresses and heels with earring dangling down my neck. Ha. Maybe I would say relaxed boho luxe… ha.
Who are your top 5 Instagram accounts you like to stalk?! (Click to check them out)
The Beach People obviously… 
Man Repeller for fashion and a laugh 
National Geographic for the animals and cultural pieces 
Napkinapocalypse for mum inspiration 
Ssense for my wish list
Tell us a secret I have a reptile owner license and am the proud owner of a pygmy beard dragon. Who my son randomly named “Titi”
What gets you out of bed each morning? I love my life… most days I wake up with a spring in my step. I am so grateful for where I live and what I get to do… so that get’s me out of bed in the morning… that and the US timezone… ha. 
What and who inspires you? Super inspired by all the strong women in my family… my grandma, mother and aunties are all in business. 
What’s in your handbag? Wallet, phone, some toy trains, water, lipgloss and a new product I am testing… it’s a linen fan that you can pull out when you need a little cool down… i’m using it heaps so I think we’ll put it into production…
In the weekends we will find you …. Saturdays at the beach or chasing
waterfalls. Sundays we go to church and spend the day with family… heaven.
Your favourite Summer destination? For local family breaks… Noosa or Yamba… 
Hope you enjoyed the feature ... Now go and get some sand between your toes 

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