March 03, 2019

Today I chat to the Boss Lady behind Maurie & Eve ⚡
One of Austrlaia’s most loved fashion brands, which also has a cult following here in NZ. 


The beautiful, down to earth, awe inspiring Kelly Davies-Green. This lady wears many hats and wears them all so well … Director, Designer, Wifey, Mama bear to three gorgeous children and an all round amazing lady.      

How did Maurie & Eve come about?! Maurie and Eve were my grandparents who passed away in a tragic car accident in 2001. With an urge to create I started making Maurie and Eve patch singlets out of my bedroom at home. I would work through the night to single handedly sew together the creations with love, all on the sewing machine that my grandmother had passed down to me after her passing. 

Looking back over the years and seeing how far we’ve come! We’ve gone through a lot together and it's an amazing feeling sharing it with your best-friends. We travel, we design, we laugh, sometimes cry and we always have each other to lean on. 

What inspires your collections?! Travel, Nature,

Sustainability, Lifestyle, Comfort & Confidence 


What is your favourite piece from the Autumn 2019 collection? There’s a few... (click on each to SHOP)                                         

The Take Me Away dress

the Sierra Linen dress
and the Señorita Skirt 

What does a typical work day look like for you? I rise anywhere between 5am - 6am with Tavi wrapped around me. 


I love to get down to Modern Movement for an the morning Vinyasa class but my husband usually leaves for work early so I’ll take the puppy out for a walk before the kids get up.

Our mornings are always busy getting everyone up, fed, dressed and packed for the day. I’ve always wanted to be the one to drop my kids to school so each day I kiss and wave the kids goodbye and head off to the office straight afterwards. 

Once i’m at work I meet with production and work through all the upcoming deliveries, collections, fits, photoshoots and the daily flow of the office. Creativity is a force that flows when it wants to so when I’m feeling inspired it feels great to drop everything and share with the team to bounce ideas off.
After school activities varies for the kids each day. We try to eat dinner together as a family by 6pm. Once homework is done and lunches are packed for the next day we enjoy family time and that might be watching documentaries or heading to the beach for a sunset run and swim!

Your Mum to three beautiful children, tell us how you manage to run a business and be a Mum all at once? It’s a juggle!!!!! I know I cannot do it ALL  I’ve tried to be the”best” Mum and the “best” Business women”  but that's not possible and in the end it left me completely burnt out, unhappy with no time for myself

So I do the best that I can each day and I delegate very well these days. I am fortunate enough to have an incredibly supportive network of family and friends who really help out when I travel. 
The beautiful ladies in the Maurie and Eve office are like family to me and are so understanding when it comes to work. They know how full my life is so we work together to ensure I am there for them when they need me. The weeks when its a little calmer I choose to work from home so I can get a handle on the housework and slide in a yoga or gym session to fill up my cup.
I also choose what is most important for the week ahead and plan everything based on the kids programs and my travels for work. For example if I know I’m heading overseas the week before I’ll work from home and be really present with home life. I make sure I’m there for the kids to ensure they’ve had a good Mumma Bear dose before I fly out. 
My husband is extremely supportive and although he works long hours he is happy to come home and get onto the laundry and help get the kids to bed and most importantly make us all laugh along the way. 

I would describe you as effortlessly cool … does this reflect your style at home? Style to me is feeling natural, comfortable and confident. Whether that’s the way in which I style my home, my outfit or through my work. 

I love architecture, clean lines and big statement pieces. Fresh white walls, large open windows, oak floorboards, warm earthy tones and lots of plants.

How would you sum up your personal style? I would describe my style as minimal, relaxed, soft and undone 





Up and coming trends for 2019 ... Personally we don’t “follow”trends but create styles that we want to wear. Oversized M+E linen & hemp dresses worn over relaxed vintage denim and gold jewellery. 

Your top 3 must haves?

The SUN STORY dress by M+E - Coming soon 
I’m in love with Charlotte Chesnais pieces 
Milena Silvano up-cycled coat 

What is your daily health & beauty routine?! Each morning I drink 1 litre of warm water with a drop-of doterra lemon essential oil. Followed by a tongue scrape and a dry body brush. I moisturise with essential oils and my make up situation is very minimal, I apply tinted moisturiser with SPF. I use a liquid bronzer over my eyelids and cheeks. Mascara or nothing if they’re tinted. I have my eyebrows feathered too. 

Daily movement and some form of exercise are critical for my mind and to help manage my stress levels. 

I eat fresh organic fruit and vegetables and incorporate Essential Oils, Chinese herbs and Acupuncture to support me physically, mentally and spiritually.

I love a Oxygen and LED light facial every couple of months. At night I practice abhyanga  which is a self oil massage. Pro biotics before bed and 8 hours sleep. 

Any beauty products you couldn’t live without and would like to share with readers? I do TERRA essential oils, Frankincense is my secret weapon for my skin care, Elle Effect tan, I love a golden glow and Super Elixir Greens by WelleCo. 

Who are your top 5 Instagram accounts you like to stalk?! (clcik on images to check out each account)

Just 5? ha!  Here’s 10

Blanca Miró Scrimieri 
Pamela Katz Tick 
Freja Weewer
Rising Woman 
Seed of Self 
Loni Jane 
Vegan Bowls
Phillida Bartik 
Elle Ferguson
Take 3 For The Sea

Tell us a secret ... Maurie and Eve have been working on a eco-sustainable plan. Our aim is to integrate full transparency into our business model and be completely accountable for our eco footprint. We’ll be sharing it all very soon. 

What gets you out of bed each morning? I love what I do!!!! I love my family

I feel inspired to create and share my journey along the way. 

What and who personally inspires you? My MUM she is the most beautiful, warm, loving soul who I love and adore so much.

My Husband is so grounded, calm and strong. Being in his presence makes me feel so safe and loved. He inspires me to slow down, take 5 and to look up and appreciate the little things in life.
And of course my ladies - old friends and new. It's so beautiful seeing women supporting each other and holding space to guide and help one another. I am blessed to have women in my life who inspire me and have helped me unearth a real passion and drive to share more of me.  

What’s in your handbag? Ha! I don’t have one. I carry baskets around everywhere! I don’t even have a purse, I have a card holder and that's it. In my basket you’ll find my notebook, essential oils, a glass water bottle, face serum, sunglasses, crystals, my phone and a photo of my babies. 

Your favourite Summer destination? Byron Bay! Its my happy place, every time I step onto Belongil beach my cells dance with joy! One day we might move there I’ve always dreamt of living somewhere other than where I grew up.

Home will always be here ... Showing our children that we can move and grow through change and challenges is a beautiful lesson to embrace as a family... we’ll see.

 Thanks for reading and Kelly thank you for taking the time to chat. 
To keep in touch with Kelly click here and shop your little hearts out over at M&E click here.
Kelly once said her words to live by are ... 
"Know your passion. Follow it. Dream it. Live it"
Feel free to leave Kelly or myself a message, we would love to hear from you.

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