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We love life on the Coast, we moved up to Red Beach late last year.

The house was in a pretty bad way. The previous owners, let’s just say, were not house proud. In fact to give you an idea of how bad I’m talking during the open home I could not even step foot inside the place. I was pregnant at the time and the smell of wet dog and good knows what else was so bad! I got just inside the front door back outside for fresh air, then back in for a quick tour.

Anyway fast track and we have made it home. It’s a work in progress ... our builder works full time, the builder being Mike. As most of you probably know by now we have a new edition to the team, Jhett, who is 9 months old and along with just general life stuff as you can imagine, time for work on the house is few and far between.

I am so proud of what Mike has achieved so far and boy we make a great team. He’s Bob the builder and I am the lady with the design ideas. That can sometimes be a little crazy. I get a certain look and know to forget about the idea, but generally they take shape and we are creating a pretty cool home.

Enjoy x

This photo doesn't do the original bathroom justice but it gives you an idea of just how bad it was!  Note | The space where the original bathroom once was, is now the third (guest) bedroom. Once a 2 bedroom house is now a three bedroom, that was Mike's vision.

The new bathroom is very cool!

Minimal, a mix of timber, large concrete mimic tiles, a floating vanity, marble basin and a large back-lit mirror. Pendants, a print, a small feature wall around the door frame and a few bits and pieces are still to come.

Now the yellow bucket has stood the test of time, it’s older than Jhett and he is coming up 9 months. I think we used old yellow for around 11.

Check out it’s replacement .... how awesome is it?! The vanity is also pretty cool, beats my baby draws, but hey it's all about getting creative when you are in 'reno' mode. 

The original kitchen ... don't you love the yellow and how closed off it is to the rest of the living space?... 

I would love to show you a better picture of our kitchen but you are going to have to wait, so you can just have a little teaser this time around.

Materials | Timber flooring, Island - stone panel (raw concrete finish) with a black granite top, matte black tap and stone sink, exposed timber shelf and black cupboards. There is tiling still to be done for the splash back, a window to go in, pendant lights and an ALLPRESS coffee sign. A what I hear you ask ...

An ALLPRESS sign ... a classic case of if you don’t ask you don't receive…

I happened to email a contact of mine at ALLPRESS asking for a sign. I thought at the time it was a little cheeky of me but hey why not…. Well within days this turned up at our front door. It will make one unique edition to our kitchen.


Hallway … watch this space, the blank wall is going to have a personalised, fun feature on it. We are also currently talking with a glass company for a door to go in at the end of the hallway so it breaks up the spaces.         
Now Jhett's bedroom. The previous owners were using the space as a living room type set up ...
His room / kid cave I like to call it, is coming along nicely. I have loved exploring the endless options for his room.  
Next on the list for his kid cave is a custom skate board from THE ZOO KEEPER
If you have a little one in your life check them out. We will display it in his room until he’s old enough to use it!    
The Birth Poster is a really special keepsake for your little babes. 
Shelf life ...


Master bedroom - nothing much to report. Wicked bedside tables we are working on, pendants and a big new window to go in.

I am also pondering over what is going to go on the wall above our bed … Lisa Sarah steel art with a few other goodies … oh and a little neon action has somehow found a place on my side of the bed, not sure how that ended up there!

Downstairs AKA dumping ground zone 2 (Zone 1 = the spare room) will be eventually converted into a studio / Air BNB. I am on the look out for inspiration, Your Home & Garden, Real Living Magazine and Pinterest are my best buddies.

Well that's all from me for now, see you next time for another update. Please leave a comment or flick me an email if you have any questions or any interior design ideas you would like to share with me. X


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Sammy Beadle
Sammy Beadle

November 03, 2017

House is looking amazing! I’m dying at the before photos….that bathroom.

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