July 28, 2017

It's bloody amazing being responsible for another human but at the same time it can also be bloody exhausting.
My little man is just over 5 and a half months old and we have had a pretty good run to date.
When he was born we were in AK city hospital for 2 weeks because of as I like to call it a little "blip" they picked up on in one of the early scans. So no surprises on the big day.
For my amazing fiancee and I the little blip was still a big deal, being first time parents, well any parent for that matter, all you want is for your baby to be healthy and have a smooth ride when entering the world.
He and I make a bloody good team and with the support of our families, the doctors and nurses, we got through the 2 weeks.
Last Saturday out of nowhere, Jhett woke every 2 hours and has been doing so every night since. Sometimes we get a 3 hour window and other times its an hour and a half.
During the days shut eye is close to nothing. So as you can imagine our tanks are constantly running on the orange light.
On Wednesday I spoke to someone in the baby industry, a professional, who said "oh he's going through a sleep regression phase and you should up his solid intake". At that stage he had been on solids for less than a week!
Now I am not a professional when it comes to babies, but I am a pro when it comes to Jhett and I just knew that increasing both the portion size and increasing the feeds from one a day to two a day didn't seem right to me.
So after 6 nights of being up most the night and a very unsettled little boy during the day, I sought a second opinion.  
This has given us totally different possibilities to what may be going on and more than just "he's going through a phase".
I wont bore you anymore but if I can just leave you with a simple tip, that would be to always get a second opinion if the first doesn't sit well with you.
Mums & Dads you all do an AMAZING job x 

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