November 17, 2017

Once a week Jhett and I try and meet Mike for lunch but today Mike was busy so our date got rescheduled.  The sun was out, a perfect day to test out our new roundie towel.  So I packed a bag, stopped off for my daily coffee fix and off to the park we went.

Well what a flop of a picnic it turned out to be!

It seems that Jhett is playing happily with his toys in this picture...


Truth be told it took about 100 photos to capture a slightly happy baby. He was not wanting to sit up and play game one little bit. All I was after was a nice photo, a memory of our first picnic together.  Every time I went to put him on his bottom he would arch his back and scream. Just after this picture was taken he get's over sitting and tumbles onto his back and I am left with one one unhappy little boy.

Today he realised that he can take his hat off so he constantly did just that, meanwhile I keep putting it back on. Wow did he pack the stella of all tantrums. This last week or so he has really found his voice, exploring all types of sounds and some that I wish he wouldn’t. He has decided that squealing is his new favourite thing to do when he is not too happy about something and man he is the king at it! The more I tell him to sssshhhh the louder he gets!

I plonk him down beside me and try to relax for a minute and enjoy my coffee. Cold coffee by this stage but hey cold coffee is better than no coffee. Jhett has other plans for my 1 minute of relaxation. He decides that my milkies (coffee) looks way better than his and won’t have anymore of his own and won’t stop squealing until he has mine.  So I chop it back so he can play with the takeaway cup. Yes one to Jhett, zero to Mum.

Once he is over that I decide it’s time for lunch, so I plonk him in his buggy because I know that sitting on the towel and eating nicely is out of the question. It’s all going pretty well until he starts blowing raspberries while eating so food ends up all over the both of us!

Well our first picnic was an epic fail but I wouldn’t want to picnic with anyone else. I am looking forward to many more picnics and beach dates during summer with my little monkey.

One thing that was a success was The Beach People towel, it's bloody amazing, so big and soft. It's bound to get a thrashing over the coming months x 

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