July 10, 2018

The hubby is the "hands on" member of our team and I am the one that comes up with the ideas. Sometimes a little crazy and it's a straight up no and other times he makes my ideas come to life.

I thought I would go room to room with what we have left to address in terms of the material side of the reno.  So not the "man / essential" items, like the windows that are still to go in, or the titling and the gib to go up ... but the stuff I get excited about.

Note to Mike | Maybe don't read this blog post 😜

I guess you could say this is my WISH LIST ... 

You can click on all "non essential items" to take you through to their websites. 


I LOVE LINEN Duvet Cover | I came across I love linen on Instagram a few weeks ago and boy what a find. The collection is made up of luxury pure French linen, cotton and bamboo bedding. My favourite is the olive and stripe combo. This will look amazing in the master bedroom along with the other bits & bobs. 

Brass Floating Side Tables | I need to find a company to make them for us. So if your that company or know of someone feel free to get in touch. Oh it's going to look a little something like below but different ... 

Sunday.Made Indi Lean Mirror | I have been on the lookout for this style of mirror for a while now.  I am all about supporting small businesses and NZ made. 

WHAT SHE SAID CO | Custom neon or the WILD THING sign to go above our bed.

Custom Bed Head | Marble style / look. Again we need someone to magically whip this up for us.


So when the baby arrives he or she will eventually go into Jhett's current room and Jhett is going to move into the spare room. Which we will turn into a cool little boys room.

The idea is to create a space that he wants to spend time in, nothing babyish but also nothing too old.

Getting creative when it comes to storage and hanging stuff - the lego blocks and lego head are a perfect solution. 

Using skateboard wheels are a fun way to hang jackets etc (both images via Pinterest).

I am keen to have one wall as a feature wall, possibly paint it a colour or go a little higher on the crazy scale and do something fun. Ideas welcome!

I spotted the Olliella Playpa rolls when I was out shopping for Jhett's first birthday.  I was keen to get it for him but he was a little young.  So it will be a fun edition to his big boys room.

It would be cool to make his bed a bit of a statement / feature (will need to talk nicely to Mike on this one).  On that note I came across a really cool NZ kids furniture brand but for the life me I can't seem to locate it.

Something like this could be cool ...

or this ...

(both images via Pinterest).

Creating a play area on the floor, especially for boys where they can have some time out with their cars and trucks is a good idea. It also means you can try and keep their toys in their bedroom, haha yea right! The Playpa rolls can also be used on the floor. 


He is a real navy boy so I think we will bring navy into the colour scheme and it would also be nice to create a hangout / chill space. 


It wont change too much.  If we have a girl I would love to get the wings from What She Said Co and a few more girlie touches will be added.


Pots at the front door, yes they will possibly become a play item for small hands but they bring warmth to a space.  I love the banana leaf plants, which will add a tropical vibe. 

A print or 2 to go in a corner space above our couch. THE PRINTABLE CONCEPT is perfect for this! 





One very cool art installation (custom made). My brothers friend is very kindly helping out here when we are ready for him.  I won't reveal too much but it's going to look pretty epic.

It's going on the wall at the end of our hallway opposite the kitchen.  We are also going to install led strip lighting at the top of the feature.

Glass door with a giant brass handle - so if any of you know of any suppliers please flick me through their details. This item (the handle) is proving rather hard to find.   


So I thought that this was one room in the house that was pretty much complete. Yes we still have the SKINNY DIPPING ONLY print by Peppa Hart to hang over the bath and a skylight to go in.  

Then I saw this boob bathmat by Cold Picnic .....


Maybe, just maybe it might have to be added to the list! 

Outside ... well outside, I think this is for another day

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