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Lisa Messenger, the superwomen behind the Collective Hub is evolving with the times and issue #52 will be the final print issue of the powerhouse magazine.  What a journey it has been.  The pages of this magazine have literally inspired thousands upon thousands of people from all walks of life, all over the globe.  
Watch this space because as we all know Lisa is not one to sit back and do nothing ...
Below is a feature I posted a few months back | 5 minutes with L.M X 

A current buzz word out there is "boss lady", so I thought why not interview some of my all time favourite ladies. 

We are kicking off the new feature with a banger of all boss ladies ….The game-changing CEO and creative director of The Messenger Group, as well as the founder and editor-in-chief of The Collective magazine, the lady who inspires me and who is the queen when it comes to hustling …  Lisa Messenger


She has recently launched her latest book “Purpose” and I have been lucky enough to get my hands on three signed copies to giveaway. Keep reading to find out how one of them could be yours!

Happy reading x

 You go by the motto, Live out loud, explain what this means?

I live my life unapologetically. Whatever happens however good or bad, I wear it on my sleeve and share the lessons.  I am unafraid.  It’s very liberating to talk about everything that happens. That way I can never live in fear and no one can ever judge me. I am who I am. What you see is what you get. Always.

Why did you start the magazine and what was your vision for The Collective Hub?!

saw a gap in the market. I was surrounded by extraordinary creatives and inspirational thought leaders and there wasn’t much out there in the media that told the story behind the story and was relatable and attainable – all packaged up beautifully.  I had no experience but I kind of thought – well no one else is doing it – I might as well.

You started off with 3 staff, in an industry that is so called dying, the magazine is now sold across 37 countries, ….

Yes, it’s been quite a journey. Let me tell you – this type of thing does not happen by accident. I have had to be tenacious and get my hustle on every single hour of every single day. 

You are the Queen when it comes to the Hustle, what drives you?

Empowering others. Every time I feel like giving up – I see someone that has been impacted by Collective Hub and I think – who the hell am I to stop now…

And what is your #1 hustle tip?!

Get brave and courageous enough to understand what drives you, how your self-sabotage, how you keep yourself small. And then play to your strengths. Hire your weaknesses. Be unafraid. Fail fast.

You are known for making big corporates step outside their comfort zone, what does “outside your comfort zone” look like for you?!  

Every single day I try to step outside my comfort zone. This for me is about doing things that are counterintuitive to the expected or the norm. It can be as simple as purposefully walking a different route to work to something as big as looking to an entirely different industry for parallel lessons. I am always looking beyond the status quo.  Be unafraid to ask all day every day “but why and but how”. Question everything!

You say the best way to fail is to fail fast, explain what you mean by this and have you failed fast?

It means get comfortable with failure. I fail all day every day. I just do it fast. In a world on social media we have instant feedback loops. So rather than writing laborious 300-page business plans just test the market consistently and continuously and ask for feedback. This way you can morph, pivot, iterate, change quickly and be nimble and flexible adapting and changing as the market requires.


Your latest book Purpose, what was the inspiration behind the book?!  

Well it’s the one question I get asked over and over again – how do I find my why or how do I get on purpose. It’s a very big, almost arrogant topic to tackle. But as always, I just tell it how it is for me.  My story is my story. My experience is different to everyone else’s but I’m happy to share always what has worked for me.  What I find is so many individuals and corporates focus so much on the “how” rather than the “why”. 

Collective Hub is all about Igniting Human Potential. That’s as simple or as complex as it gets. That’s our Purpose.  The “how” is largely irrelevant – it doesn’t matter if it’s a print magazine, or online, or a masterclass or a myriad of other things.  I think we overcomplicate business and life – a lot – so this book is about helping people to surmise what it is they stand for.


Your favourite spring / summer destination?

I have just renovated my house in Bangalow. It’s my fave place to go and now available for you guys. Check out the Collective Retreat 

PURPOSE is all about Lisa Messenger’s personal path to purpose, mixed with guidance and interviews from inspiring entrepreneurs and creatives who have followed their ‘why’ to a place of joy and fulfilment.

You can purchase Lisa’s new book PURPOSE at selected bookstores and
newsagencies across Australia and online at collectivehub.com

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November 02, 2017

I would love to win this book as I really enjoy reading the Collective magazine, its full of inspiration and I’m sure this book would be too. Although I know what I love doing, cooking, I’m still not sure what direction I’d like to take with it. There are so many possibilities and I’m excited for the journey!!

Sarah Blair
Sarah Blair

November 02, 2017

I need some inspiration in my life, to move on from this rut!

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