July 03, 2018

When it comes to clothing racks I'll Hang It Here is your go-to brand when you are in the market for something a little cooler than your standard rack. 
Mel has certainely turned an every day house hold item into a stylish homeware piece.
I'll hang it here was launched in 2013 when Mel was in the market for a clothing rack but proving to be somewhat a mission she decided to design her own. 
The collection consists of 5 different designs and custom made pieces.
The racks are on-point, minimal, timeless and classic. 
Every piece is lovingly hand made and will compliment any room, whether it be the Circ piece in the foyer 

or the opulent Luxe rack, donning apparel in your room.


Bespoke, handcrafted clothing racks - what made you get into the world of clothing racks?!

Such a strange thing to get into right.. initially it started as more of a love for online and social media. I created the website and media to teach myself how to use it. The racks were something I wanted for myself and couldn’t find anywhere in NZ to buy one.  

Where do you get your inspiration from?!
Everywhere, mostly fashion. Interior fashion is a big love of mine so I do follow a lot of interior designers and blogs. I get colour mood boards from clothing designers, I try to keep IHIH current all the time.
How would you sum up your style?
Minimal and classic.
Who are your top 5 Instagram accounts you like to stalk?!
Studio 46 SPACE is a little hub of creative space. We work from here and also hire out the studio for events, photo shoots and collaborations. 
What gets you out of bed each morning? 
Everything :) imagine staying in bed all day.. I’d get major fomo.
Tell us a secret
I’m probably boarderline ocd when it comes to colours in my house and the studio. 
What inspires you?
Art, massively inspires me. Design and food actually haha
What’s in your handbag?
You know, I rarely use my handbag. I always have my wallet, phone, iPad and diary in my hands.. which sounds so  ridiculous now that I say it. If I’m out for the night I’ll have my wallet, phone, Tom Ford lippy, Ragdoll LA perfume oil and Aesop immediate moisture facial hydrosol in my handbag.
Your favourite winter destination?
This year it’s Bali, seriously can’t get enough. 
   KIM SOO | SEMINYAK                              THE SLOW | CANGUU      
When we are onto designing the space for our Air bnb studio I'll Hang It Here will be on my list of must have items!

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