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This week the effortlessly cool Gracie Taylor kindly takes 5 minutes out of her busy schedule to talk to us.
Born and bred in the Waikato, Gracie grew up on a thoroughbred horse farm in Cambridge. Then the city came calling and Gracie now calls Auckland home. 
At such a young age this talented lady has one extensive background in Reporting, Editing, TV, Radio and Print. As well as a Social Influencer and and Ambassador for well known sport and lifestyle brands, Adidas, Holden and Les Mills.
We talk to Gracie all things when it comes to fashion, beauty, fitness and day to day life.


While doing a little reading on you, I read you are an ex-large animal vet nurse. Yes I did a brief stint working in a vet clinic helping with surgeries on large animals at home in the Waikato before moving to Auckland.

The clinic specialised in large animals and I mostly helped race horses and some sporting horses in the surgery theatre and fed and tended to wounds post-operation, and I also did some fertility and hormone work with dairy cows.

How do you go from that to Reporter, TV presenter, Radio host, Social influencer, the list goes on …? Haha, well it’s probably just having to wear many hats to survive in the media industry! I wouldn’t say I do all those roles everyday but I can jump from each of them when I have to. At the moment I am an Entertainment Reporter for NZ Herald and am using my writing skills every day, but I have hosted George FM Drive Show, read the news and weather on occasion, also was the Social Media presenter on The Paul Henry show for a wee bit too.

A lot of what happens behind the scenes is much more important and interesting than what is being shown on TV and radio too. I get a kick out of working in the high pressure environment of a newsroom and producing exhilarating and heart-warming content.


Where do you get your inspiration from? I have been super lucky enough to work alongside some of our great journalists in a few of the top Kiwi newsrooms, TVNZ, Newshub, and now NZME. So I feel grateful and inspired to be surrounded by such hustling and hardworking brains.

How would you sum up your style? Edgy, but kind of girly. I don’t really know. Haha I love vintage jeans and sneakers but feel exactly like myself in a super feminine flowy gown and heels. I love dressing up, but also love my merino track pants and fluffy dressing gown at home.

Who is your fashion / style muse? I adore Caroline de Maigret. Her hair, her style – just everything. 

I have recently become a fan of Kitty Spencer and really enjoy how she pulls of such an extravagant look without trying too hard. (She killed it at Megan and Harry’s wedding!)

And of course Victoria Beckham – that woman can do no sartorial wrong!

What does a typical work day look like for you? Eggs! Always start with (free range) eggs with Sriacha, and black coffee at approx 6.23 am everymorning. Then I bus to work in the city from Kingsland. I am working from 7.30am – 3.30pm shifts at the moment with a few weekends thrown in there. I then try and work out once or twice a week at Les Mills Britomart or Rise Yoga and Pilates in Parnell. But if it’s a lovely day, it takes me an hour to walk home in the sunshine listening to podcasts. Weeknights are filled with cooking, working on my own website, gardening, attending events and trying to chill (I find it super hard to sit still and relax).

What is your typical beauty routine?! I try and drink 2 litres of water at my desk everyday which helps with my skin. But apart from that I have been using Dermaviduals and also Dr Aspect. I also love natural rosehip oil and any Skinfood products too in the winter for super dry skin. I don’t like wearing much makeup so I love to come home after work and wash my face immediately from the day.


Any beauty products you couldn’t live without and would like to share with readers? Clear brow gel is a must for me, and good lip balm. I like to keep it simple and always use SPF too. But if I am going for a more glam look, I am super into shimmery peach colours on my eyelids at the moment with a dark brown crease and a flick of brown eyeliner and mascara. I am also loving Victoria Beckham’s new lipstick in the shade ‘Burnished Rose.’

Who are your top 5 Instagram accounts you like to stalk?! ⚡Click on accounts to do some stalking 

Millie Elder Holmes 

Love Watts 

Belinda Guerra (her daughter Olive is the cutest!) 

Leandra Medine (from Man Repeller) 

The Naughty Fork (because, yum) 

Tell us a secret Now that would be telling!

What gets you out of bed each morning? Coffee, goals, health and kindness.

What and who inspires you? My little sister Ella, my family, my friends and the special people who are no longer with us.

What’s in your handbag? A hairbrush, vitamin E cream, lipstick, keys, tangled earbud chords, wallet and a few bandaids.

Your favourite winter destination? Home to Cambridge/ The Mount! Or up to Waipu! But if I am being fancy, I would say definitely a ski trip to the South Island, visit an onsen spa retreat and also visit some delicious wineries.


Favourite hangout spots around Auckland to eat & drink at?! I love The Fed Deli (chicken sammies and the fish hoagie).

Boy & Bird (hot chick salad and the beef croquettes).

Citizen Park (beef brisket nachos with jalapenos – great to share).

Sri Pinang (on K road, my fave is bean sprouts and salted fish plus a roti). 

Ahhh there are too many! I am also a sucker for UberEats.

The 20 nugget combo is great from Maccas with Big Mac sauce. Another recent find for me is Mexican Café (they have killer $10 lunches and traditional Mexican beer – a beer with a 2 shots ofDrambuie & el Jimador Reposado tequila!)


"Always be hungry, Always be learning and a little scared." 


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Sally Dyer
Sally Dyer

August 02, 2018

Hi Gracie.Love your rom outfits.known Gracie birth.Is a Marvelous person and getting more stunning everyday .Always caring .Just an Amazing woman who has worked hard for her success. Luv Sally

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