March 15, 2019

It's time for the girls to move aside and the boys to have a slice of the action ...
Welcome to the boys club, over the next 4 weeks I chat to 4 boys, 4 boys who are creative, talented, uber cool and are dominating their careers.
We are kicking it off with a Kiwi who lives in the Mount, he lives for the waves in the Summer and the snow come Winter... 
Meet Ben Parry, the Creative Director at RPM Clothing
What does a typical day at work look like for you? Oh everyday is a little different for me. But most days I like to kick off around 6am, straight up, no snoozing! Then i'll either go to the gym, run the pooch or often (Mondays) I just get into the office nice and early. The commute is a full 3 minutes in the car haha. I usually start my work day by clearing the inbox and do a few jobs before the rest of the staff turn up around 8, then it's coffee and catch up with the team.

Then the day could involve anything from range/product development with our designers, creating and planning marketing material, social media management, meetings, sales meetings, managing our web and ecommerce.

I usually take a good hour out of the office around mid day for a run / gym session or a surf if there are waves. Back to the office for the arvo, the work day usually ends around 5:30/6.  Then it's a run with our dog, she's an athlete and then either surf or social sport. I am usually in bed by about 9:30pm, I need to get 8 hours, then I wont be cranky the next day.

Highlights of your job That’s a tough one! Theres a lot. I guess I have a lot of freedom to create what ever marketing material and product we want. Working in a small business is great for creativity as you don’t have to jump through a million hoops to get something done. 

We have a great team here and i'm lucky enough to call them all my pals. My job gives me a great lifestyle living in the Mount, I don’t have to spend 2 hours in my car getting to work


Where do you get your inspiration from? I think travel is a big one, getting out of your current environment for a fresh take on things. The design team gets away overseas at least once a year.

Lately we’ve been going to Seoul in South Korea for sampling trips. There’s not only epic stores there but the people watching/street style there is amazing too. 

Talk us through your creative process when it comes to designing a range / collection? We usually sit down at the start of the season and go over some sales reports, what indented well and what’s been retailing well. From there we’ll build a range plan with whatever styles we want to carry over from previous seasons and what categories we have room for new styles.

New styles could come from anywhere, the team puts a bunch of time into research. My role is to guide the design guys along the way, I try to keep a good commercial element to the range while also pushing the brand forward through a portion of the range.






How would you sum up your style? Very minimal, simple cuts, no big logos, my wardrobe is 99% black. Some people call that boring but black is the such an easy colour to wear and I feel like I can take on anything in black.




 Your Instagram account is packed with days spent at the beach, the snow and travelling …. What are your favourite beach, snow and travel destinations? Yea I try to get on a couple of overseas trips a year. Ive been super lucky to have done a bunch of trips away snowboarding. Ive spent time in British Columbia in Canada over the years, I love it there its much like NZ but on a way bigger scale.

Ive also done a few trips to Japan which was is probably one of my all time favourite places, amazing snow, awesome food and the people are so friendly and respectful. Japan is so crazy, everything runs on time to the second and its really clean and tidy. Im always fascinated by it!

Last year my girlfriend Tyla and I did a trip to the States for a holiday, it was the first holiday id done since I was a kid without a surfboard or snowboard! We went to LA,up the coast and into Yosemite National Park which was pretty mind blowing.

Then out to San Fran and then to New York for a week. All really fun spots to visit, New York was crazy, im not a massive city fan but we had such a good time there.Then as far as beach destinations, I cant really go past Bali. I also like Byron Bay for a quick getaway.

Not that I stalk you on Instagram … but I see you have been hanging out in Bali, where are your go to spots in Indo?! Haha you must have been deep in the feed! Yea ive done a bunch of trips to Bali! Its so fun and easy there. 






We usually post up in Canggu or the next beach down Berawa. 






Theres always fun waves out front, good food and a bunch of other stuff for Tyla to do while I surf.

We also hang down at Bingin a bit, last time we were there we stayed right down the bottom of the cliff, it was so good to just run out from our room when the waves got good (in between Bintangs).

Another stalking moment … Was it a fun day out doing a ‘Where You’d Rather Be’ add for Corona down at Whakapapa?! Yea that was a fun day! RPM has had a long standing brand partnership with Corona, so when the idea to do a journey came about we were all over it.

There was quite a lot of planning that went into it, but basically it was 5 mates going snowboarding for a day and the journey around that. We ended up scoring a weekend that’s about as good as it gets down there. We just clocked laps around the resort and had to sip on Corona’s for a few photos.


We got some really good content out of it. It was fun to work with some friends including the photographer to get the job done.

Mount hang out spots for when you go surfing, eating or out on a date night We live in Omanu, so I usually surf somewhere around there or whereever the banks are good!



Cant go past Luca for my morning Brew! Theres too many good cafes in the Mount to name one! But you might find me at George or Heath Street on occasions.


Palace is the spot for a burger, Cool fit out and good food. And for date night we usually end up at Satori Lounge or Hyde Bar.

Tell us a secretIt wouldn’t be a secret if I told you!

What inspires you? I get inspired by lots of things, travel is a big one.Whenever I go away on a trip I seem to come back with a fresh take and perspective on things.

Aside from that, other creatives / people doing cool and aspirational things. I listen to a lot of motivational and informative podcasts which helps a bunch too.

Your favourite Summer destination? Well you can’t really beat the Mount in summer!

But I do also like getting down to New Plymouth, i'm originally from there, its always good to see family and friends. Oh and the waves are really good and its uncrowded. Or jumping on a plane and heading to the Northern Hemi for some snow!

What is on your playlist … Lately, lots of hip hop. Something with a little bit of tempo. Anything too slow I find holds me back, I like to hit the day with pace!

But I listen to pretty much everything, old or new. Lately during the work day or travelling i've stopped listening to music as much and started listening to more motivational podcasts. Mainly fitness, well being or business ones. I think that learning something is a better use of that time than listening to the same playlist over and over…

Thanks for the chat Ben. 
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