March 01, 2018

When it comes to NZ home brands DONTBEADOORMAT is one of my favourites! 
Tess and Dan have turned a homeware staple into a must have when it comes to your entrance and gurantees a smile every time.
Dontbeadoormat is all about creating fun, quirky and playful doormat greetings to make you and your visitors feel loved and welcome when turning up on your doorstep.
All dontbeadoormat designs are hand drawn with love in New Zealand and made ethically and sustainably in Sri Lanka.
Since we have been in touch a new, very cute edition has joined their team, baby Indie.
Congrats guys, enjoy every minute of the crazy adventure! x 

Tell us a secret ...

A secret I keep would be that I get really lonely being a badass boss babe! It can be tough to connect with people regularly when running your own business.. sometimes I miss that office vibe just for the people!

And then I remember working from home is awesome haha.

What gets you out of bed each morning 

What gets me out of bed each morning is my fiancé.. he literally gets me out of bed haha. I drop him at work most days so it’s a good incentive to get up and out the door instead of staying in bed which I could so easily do!

What inspires you

What inspires me is all these amazing women being entrepreneurs and doing amazing, world changing things and uplifting each other. I have a love / hate relationship with Instagram but I do get a lot of inspiration from peoples images and creativity on there!

Also Pinterest.. I can get lost in a deep dark Pinterest hole pretty easily. I’m also going to be super cheesy and say my fiancé again! He has incredible drive, persistence and positivity that I try to make him rub off on me haha but he keeps me going when I’m feeling lost or in a business slump.

What is in your handbag?

My handbag is never without lip balm, hair ties (forever losing them) and a snack! I suffer from the HANGER so always need something I can eat if i’m out and about and start to feel it creeping on!

Your favourite Summer destination and hangout spots

If I’m staying local (Wellington) it depends which way the wind is blowing haha good old windy Wellington!  I love hanging out at Days Bay beach in Eastbourne where I grew up, or if i feel like a bit of a change Scorching Bay or Lyall bay are beautiful beaches (but they can get quite crowded!).  

If we’re going on a summer trip I’d probably say Waimarama beach in Hawkes bay is one of my fave spots or Castle Point as we did a lot of family holidaying there when I was a kid. I love a wild rugged beach that I can explore rather than a super crowded one. 

If you are in need of a doormat then make sure you head on over to their website to check out their collection.   WARNING | Your biggest problem you will have is trying to decide which one to buy! 


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